The third Hamburg International Environmental Law Conference will take place in 2016

Our overall subject in 2016 will be the conflict between the use of resources (especially in the area of energy law) and (marine) environmental protection with a special focus on sustainability. These areas of tension will be outlined in the keynote lecture. High-ranking plenary lectures will address the sustainable production of energy and the sustainable use of the ocean as an ecological system.

Special consideration in the formation of working groups will be given to the interests and experiences of practical work. These will focus on the following aspects: regimes of the seabed, fishery, and pipelines/cables. The most recent trends and developments In these three areas will be brought into focus.


In 2011, the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg presented itself as European Green Capital. This title, awarded by the European Commission was the reason for a group of lawyers interested in the environment and international environmental law, to found an association with the aim to bundle and promote the scientific discourse in the area of the environmental law on an international level. Thus, on 4 February 2010, the Internationaler Umweltrechtstag Hamburg e.V. (IURT e.V.) association was created to organize the First Hamburg International Environmental Law Conference (HIELC) that took place in September 2011. It was joined by about 200 participants from all over the world.

Due to the great success of this first conference, the IURT e.V. members didn't hesitate to continue their efforts in order to prepare a second Hamburg International Environmental Law Conference (HIELC) for 2013. It took place on September 12th/13th, 2013. This time, the HIELC engaged in a discussion about national and regional legal initiatives for climate protection. In addition, it focused on the protection of fish stocks endangered by extensive fishing and the problems of maricultures.


Soon you will find here more information about the coming event.

Hamburg International Environmental Law Conference April 15th/16th 2016Hamburg, Germany